Poppy Tec is an innovation focused company with Swedish quality in mind. A new company consisting of a merger of existing assets and business within Digital Signage, Control Room, Digital Meeting Room and IoT. We own and develop several cloud-based platforms and applications that have been invested hundreds of millions of SED in. We dare to say we are world leaders in serveral areas.

Concept casing is one of the most important part of Digital Signage. Our design philosophy is to provide displays and casing solution in a seamless harmony. With our own factory and design department in Tyreso, outisde of Stockholm Sweden we can develop and manufacture a complete line of product lineage for the most attractive solutions for all IoT target markets.

We have many large customers who buy different parts of our solutions. Many of these customers have asked for complete solutions that are cloud-based, easy to deploy and install where we take overall responsibility for operation and support.

Even if IoT is growing rapidly is IoT not anything that is new for us. We have IoT Solutions that have been in to the market for may years, IoT solution for monitoring and controlling devices that run completely in the cloud that which drastically decrease both the transfer cost of data and the need for site visits. This can be run for all types of equipment, from fans and charging posts to advanced digital signage.

Strong partnership with many global companies and closed join ventures with BRANTHEIM. a sheet metal engineering company producing goods to the Swedish and foreign industry. The activities consist fo manufacturing and sale of precision components as well as complete products for the engineering, pharmaceutical and electronics industry. With a modern machine park of 5700m2,Braintheim has extensive experience in the production of small and large series.