Digital Meeting made for IoT

Starts your Digital Meeting with the push of a button

Poppy Meet is designed to be the Digital Meeting Room for the future, a complete digital meeting solution for informational, educational and commercial meetings.

Starts your Digital Meeting instantly with the push of a button, enjoy easy-to-use functions such as Digital Whiteboard with touch-based interaction. Use the potential of video cloud meeting together with a virtual interactive whiteboard allowing you to present, collaborate and sharing the same interactive whiteboard anytime, anywhere.

Digital Whiteboard

The interactive whiteboard is a large, touch-enabled surface that allows you to write in digital ink with a finger or pen, interact with applications and save notes. Start a meeting with the push of a button and start to share ideas and capture notes.

Video Meet

Video Meet is a high-quality virtual video meet room where participants can joinvia Poppy Board, a web browser or a mobile device. All participants can meet and share documents, laptops and in real-time collaboration directly in to thewhiteboard.Meeting notes can later be exports as a pdf.