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IoT solution for a horizontal IoT eco world

The move from a simplistic M2M world to a more complex IoT solution reality means that companies needs to change business models in where vertical siloes needs to change to an horizontal open cross industry. Companies are now finding themselves having to adjust to a multifaced ecosystem environment. Single purposed infrastructure needs to be Multi purposed infrastructure where analog technology needs to get digitalized.

The need to monitor remotely and control things is not new, the traditional approach is to look in to the problem, then build a solution that solves that single problem. Deploying the device. Building the network. Building the application. This has resulted in vertical M2M Silos with problem-specific solutions.

IoT, on the other hand will demands for a new business model and infrastructure, approach with eco system operating in "horizontal" multi – purpose solutions for Connected Things.

The move from a simplistic M2M world to a more complex IoT reality means companies are now finding themselves having to adjust to a multifaced ecosystem environment.

Why Use Poppy Tec IoT platform?

Poppy Tec IoT platform is built to handle IoT SCADA metadata-driven architecture. IoT services and functions can be easily created, added and replace an existing set of old M2M functions and services.

With the Poppy Tec IoT platform, it's easy to get started the . A sensor is connected to Poppy Tec's IoT client, which automatically sends metadata from the zone to the current cluster where an operator can monitor and control the local sensor.

Once parameters are defined, Poppy Tec IoT platform has a further unique ability to implement the SCADA service by automatically creating any associated SCADA models, user interfaces, workflow, and development processes.

Poppy Tec IoT platform, a complete IoT platform services that leverages the latest in sensor, connectivity, and software technologies to gather, transmit, and create actionable intelligence from the Internet of Things world. A IoT platform, design to be a part in a eco system and operate in horizontal” solutions with any things for any one.

Being in control is easy with the Poppy Tec IoT platform

Monitoring & Control

IoT Controller is a complete SCADA web-based monitoring and control system handling functions between IoT Server, analog or digital sensors and desktop applications. Operators can instantly in real time perform action to any IoT sensor. IoT Control and IoT server is operating in any cross-network via WAN access.


Reduce downtime, improve quality and operate more efficiently using a complete web-based SCADA dashboard. IoT Controller enables monitoring and control from anywhere via any web browser. Operators can instantly handle 2-ways functions between IoT Client, analog or digital sensors, IP devices and desktop applications. For example, a SCADA operator can prevent damage by turning off a water tap monitored through the IoT Client.

Low Power Network

IoT Client operates within low power network technology,provides a low-cost way to connect with sensors and devices.IoT Client accommodates deep indoor and outdoor use cases,enabling cost-effective connectivity solutions. Suitable for a wide range of enterprise applications.

Alarm and Action

A predetermined sensor setpoint is set as the default value in case of a deviation, the IoT Client automatically sends an alarm to an SCADA operator.


Schedule group or individual commands like ON/OFF to multiple screens.

User Permissions

Poppy Tec IoT platform ´s built-in permissions engine provides system administrators with the ability to create and manage collaborative workflows for users inside and outside the organization. These permissions can be role or department-based, integrated within the organization’s active directory, defined according to a multi-level approval workflow, and even restrict access and actions right down to the individual zone areas.

IoT Client

IoT Client is a local zone communicator server connecting to IoT Controller platform, operating as a local “Fog” server, a process technology providing a low-cost way to connect with sensors true WAN. IoT Client can be setup to control application and analog or digital sensors, each sensor can be connected via RS 232 or TCP / IP (M2M).New sensors in the same local network can be added remotely from IoT Controller with a predetermined sensor default setpoint.

Sensor Value

Each IoT Client reads sensor value and sends current value forward to IoT Controller. When a value is different according to a predetermined sensor value rule will an instant alarm be send directly to the SCADA operator

Secured IoT Connection

Connection between IoT Controller and IoT Client is done with connection string, pairing code and the unique MAC address of IoT Server hardware. Paring code is only use the first time for a IoT Client and its IoT Zone. A pairing code can only be used with the MAC Address its belonging to. IoT Control and IoT Client is operating in high-security requirements working with backend networks firewalls, DNS secure and crypto traffic working with global cross networks true WAN.

Cluster Management

Scalable cluster management with cluster setup for each country, city, area and local zone. Each local IoT Client also shows web cam, live status, location, connectivity. Direct access in to a IoT Client Zone.

Group Commands

Send a single command directly to a group like ON/OFF to multiple screens.

Standard System Architecture

Poppy Tec IoT platform is developed to get the highest performance, reliability and security virtual Windows server and Windows SQL database.The cloud platform can operate as service through Software as a Service (SaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS).